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Environmental hardwood flooring in Katy, TX from Millworks Flooring

Hardwood flooring environmental policy

Our standing policy requires that we embrace responsibility for the care and stewardship of the earth’s natural resources. We are committed to deliberate actions which result in a better environment in the world we live in and for the future of our children. At Millworks Flooring, we believe that the richest ecosystems in biological wealth are our forests. We strongly oppose illegal logging and support all endeavors and activities to ensure the use of sustainable forest management practices and stop deforestation.

We fully support and comply with Lacey Act regulations which require chain of custody documentation proving our raw materials are legally harvested.

Our hardwood flooring is manufactured with adhesives that do not contain formaldehyde content or other toxic chemicals. Our factories are certified by the California Air Resources Board at phase II which requires that formaldehyde emissions fall below 0.05 parts per million. In addition, the coating systems that we use also do not contain any toxic chemicals that could potentially be harmful.

Luxury plank environmental policy

It is the standing policy of Millworks Flooring to source and sell safe luxury plank products that conform to ASTM F 1700-04 Class III, type B product standards. Our products do not contain ortho-phthalates, formaldehyde or harmful heavy metals.

Millworks Flooring is committed to responsible sourcing and product quality standards. Products are regularly tested to ensure compliance.

All Millworks Flooring luxury plank collections are FloorScore® certified for indoor air emissions quality”.
Luxury plank environmental policy at Millworks Flooring in Katy, TX