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Waterproof flooring from Millworks Flooring near San Antonio TX
Waterproof Flooring is No Longer Just a Luxury
Have you always thought that waterproof flooring was simply out of your reach? Well, think that no longer. With the many options available to you, it’s as easy as coming out to Millworks to pick it out. It’s really just that simple, and we’re here to help every step of the way.
How Does Engineered Vinyl Plank Fit In?
Wood plastic composite differs from most luxury vinyls in that it is 100% waterproof and can be laid over subflooring with little to no preparation. The rigid core found in WPC gives it a rigidity and durability, that you can’t find in most luxury vinyl floor materials. Because of this, the subfloor doesn’t even need to be prepped prior to installing. Since it is so rigid, longer and wider pieces can be handled with no problems in installation.
Waterproof Flooring Just Where You Need It
It’s one thing to have water resistant flooring in rooms like the kitchen and bathroom. It’s another still to have truly waterproof flooring in those rooms. You see, water resistant flooring can only withstand so much before it gives way to moisture, spills and standing water.
When the flooring you choose is 100% waterproof, your entire home can flood and you’re still going to be able to reuse that flooring. With a cork or foam underlayment attached right to the flooring, you won’t even have to worry about mold or mildew. They are naturally resistant to these things.

This means that you can finally put a great long-lasting floor in these rooms, as well as others. Your foyer, mudroom, and even your basement can now get the luxury treatment they deserve without costing you a fortune. And if that’s not music to your ears, we don’t know what will be!
We Have What You’re Looking For In Waterproof Flooring
If you are in the areas of Kay, Houston, San Antonio, Richmond or Dallas, then you are close enough to our Katy, TX showroom to stop by for a visit. We can show you the latest in waterproof flooring, and find the perfect selection for you.

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